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Justin's Sugg.

1. Sales Page

2. Select your course from the sales page

3. 2nd page should be selection of additional 4-courses

4. checkout

Product Order Form


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Mrs. & Mr. Bayyan


1. under series above the white line Put "View Courses" - hyper link words or box/button. - link opens in a new tab in PDF. - let the PDF itself carry the course descriptions - "Customize Add-Ons" in b/w the course series w/ pics.

2. Remove "Learn More" from the hover boxes.

3. Remove the link and verbiage from the "customize..." box @ bottom.

4. under the words "how it works" should say "Customize Your 10-Course Training Plan

5. Inside the last box should say "additional course options"

6. Bullet the 8 courses for "add-ons" - use picture of ppl pointing... 

7. #3 under "how it works" - "submit registration and enroll"

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