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LOGO - Level Next Training and Life Coac
Vince Bayyan knew that it would not be possible to pay back all the    good of his legal guardians who stepped in when he was                abandoned by his biological parents at the age of three months. But,    when the opportunity came along, Vince found a way to pass on the    gift of the extraordinary love that had been given to him by paying it    forward. He strongly feels that that single act of kindness changed        his life’s trajectory.  
Inspired to help others in the way he was helped, led to Vince and his wife Patrice establishing a donor advisor fund with the North Carolina Community Foundation.  Dedicated to youth transitioning out of foster care, the Austin and Betty Cross Guardian Fund was established in honor of Vince’s legal guardians. Founded in 2016,  the fund was also established to recognize the efforts of those in the community making a difference in the lives of children in foster care and guardianship situations. 
Since its inception, the Austin and Betty Cross Guardian fund has provided scholarship support to deserving youth through partnerships with the Methodist Home for Children; Johnson C. Smith University’s Phasing Up Scholarship Program; The Evan and Paulie Marshal Initiative; The Raleigh Alumni Chapter of  Hampton University, Bridging The Gap and a Mother’s Hustle, Inc. 
We invite you to join us to help make a difference in the life of a youth aging out of foster care as they are often underserved but no less deserving of an opportunity to better themselves and their communities.   
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In the spirit of “paying it forward”,  the Bayyan’s launched the Austin and Betty Cross Guardian fund with an  initial $10,000 donation of their own to provide educational support and professional/personal development training primarily to youth in foster care, group homes and other guardianship situations.  In 2018, the fund came under the full administration of Level Next Training and Life Coach Institute. 

Imagine what can happen when the gift you have been given is able to come full circle --- when it becomes possible for you to pass it along to another. 

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LOGO - Level Next Training and Life Coac

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