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Impact Series

Improving Mindfulness

Make the inner shift to experience "present moments" and learn the benefits of embracing mindfulness as one of the most important practices that has become increasingly valuable in the new world of work.

Developing Creativity

In a dramatically different economy, unlock divergent thinking, imagination and mental flexibility to creatively embrace change.

Personal Productivity

Are you effective? Are you Efficient? Explore how productivity isn't about time, but about effective and efficient management of what's essential and important.

Personal Branding

Personal Brand: It's the story you want people to tell when you're not present. So, make sure you're intentional about what your brand is saying to others. Live it as though you're leaving a legacy!

Increasing Your Happiness

In today's new normal, explore how creating a culture of happiness can serve as a powerful force for greater fulfillment in life and work.

Improving Self-Awareness

It is a leadership commodity most often overlooked and undervalued, AND the lack of it can derail our best intention. Take the steps to move yourself, your business, your relationships forward through the powerful pursuit of self-awareness - Starting from the inside, out.



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Man in Modern Studio

Entrepreneur LevelUp Series

​Entrepreneur LevelUp


  • Entrepreneurship

  • Project Management

  • Risk Assessment & Management

  • Negotiation

  • Top 10 Sales Secrets

  • Marketing Basics

Business Brainstorming

​LeadUp Leadership


  • Leadership & Influence

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Coaching & Mentoring

  • Seeing & Taking Initiative

  • Teamwork & Team Building

  • Goal Setting & Getting Things Done

LeadUp Leadership Series

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