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LevelUp Series


The path to becoming your own boss and launching your own business can seem intimidating and overwhelming. However, preparation in taking this major step is essential for success. This course gives you the tried and proven fundamentals for your journey.

Project Management

This course gives you the skills to lead the work or a tam to accomplish a goal. Project Management can be a daunting assignment without the proper knowledge of planning, analysis and assessment of both human and operational needs in order to get the task at hand completed on time and within budget.

Risk Assessment & Management

The "risk vs. reward scenario" is constantly being negotiated by entrepreneurs.  Assessment and evaluation of situations and resources requires in-depth understanding of the what and the why in an ever-shifting marketplace.


Understanding the phases of negotiation and the tools to use during a negotiation in order to create the proverbial "win-win" solution is the life-blood for any business. Learn this skill to keep your business winning.

Top 10 Sales Secrets

Mastering the sales cycle from discovery to the close is both an art and science that is the heartbeat of business.  Knowing these top 10 sales secrets increases your probability of closing the deal!

Marketing Basics

Do you know the difference between sales and marketing? Understanding the basics of high impact marketing for your business is a foundational building block for the success of your business.



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Young Businesswoman

​Personal Impact Series

  • Improving Mindfulness

  • Developing Creativity

  • Personal Productivity

  • Personal Branding

  • Increasing Your Happiness

  • Improving Self-Awareness

Personal Impact Series

Business Brainstorming

​LeadUp Leadership


  • Leadership & Influence

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Coaching & Mentoring

  • Seeing & Taking Initiative

  • Teamwork & Team Building

  • Goal Setting & Getting Things Done

LeadUp Leadership Series

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